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- it’s the name that best describes Curfew’s music. To quote some dictionary definitions: ‘Jazz’: “a style of music characterized by a strong but flexible rhythmic understructure with solo and ensemble improvisations on basic tunes and chord patterns and a highly sophisticated harmonic idiom”.
Electric’: “emotionally exciting; thrilling”


- it’s also electric in terms of instruments, using the latest in keyboard and guitar technology to help create new sounds and styles rather than working within a pre-determined sonic palette for jazz dictated by instrumentation developed decades or even centuries ago


- it’s the way we believe jazz should have continued to develop since the 70’s, looking forward to new sounds and directions rather than recreating the music of the 50’s, which is the music supported by most UK jazz clubs today


- it’s the music that today’s pioneers are playing – Joe Zawinul for instance, totally unique as a 1950s innovator, still moving forward rather than looking back right up to his sad death in September 2007 – no point looking for bebop revivalism or bass fiddles with this guy because you'd never have found them (his views on Wynton Marsalis were well worth reading, unless you’re Wynton Marsalis of course)


- it’s the music we believe today’s open-minded jazz audience is keen to experience. The current climate around the UK jazz scene discourages any music with its roots post-1970, but in so doing condemns it to recreations of the ‘glory days’ of the bebop era, or outfits attempting to push the envelope musically yet still rooted in traditional instrumentalisation and sounding contrived as a result. Our experience from Curfew’s live work is that today’s jazz punter can enjoy today’s music as well, yet rarely has the opportunity to do so


- it’s the music today’s cutting-edge jazz artists are playing – see the ‘Links’ section at www.curfew.co.uk to find out more


- it’s the music you’ll hear at most jazz clubs and festivals anywhere around the world - except the UK


- which is why it’s the banner for a new Curfew venture, the Electric Jazz Club – a regular event showcasing ELECTRIC JAZZ artists from the UK and beyond. We are currently in discussion with a number of potential venues in the South East with a view to a launch next year